Tour Through Blogland: Stop Number 859,436

Happy Monday!  By now, I’m sure you’ve seen so many bloggers on a tour through blogland hop.  I was tagged once before by The Charming Farmer, and failed miserably to write a post on it (and to be honest I wasn’t really clear at that point what I was supposed to do)…. and then was tagged by Katja and Amber, (and a mention from Chaney) and decided it was about time.

Before I answer the questions on this blog hop, I wanted to share a bit about and my personal favorite projects from the bloggers who tagged me….

Katja, ShiftCtrlArt: Katja and I have bonded over silly jokes, breaking it down on the dancefloor, and so much more.  This girl is one of those “true gem” types of people…. the kind that you just love because they are SO good hearted, have a true passion for people and life, and are completely lit from within.  I love spending time with Katja; she makes me laugh, and makes me feel good about myself- which is how a true friend should be!  And you know how introverts and extroverts can be so good for each other?!?!  It’s like that.  In case you didn’t know, I’m the extrovert. ;)  On top of being an amazing human being, she has some SERIOUS style and skills, as seen in her entry, which is one of my favorite spaces in her home….


Amber, Simple Dwellings: I have followed Amber for a super long time!  She is so friendly, sweet, and positive- always a breath of fresh air!  She’s also adorable, and has a fabulous sense of style.  I love how effortlessly Amber mixes traditional and modern to create a unique look.  Her dining room wall mural is one of my favorite projects, and I think it demonstrates her style perfectly!



Meaghan, The Charming Farmer: I met Meaghan a while ago when I won an amazing barnwood arrow she created!  She HAND delivered it; like came to my door with a big wooden arrow!  When a girl shows up on your door with an arrow she’s made for you, you let her in and you talk for a while, and you laugh a lot….because clearly you are both a little crazy and creative.  This girl is a ball of energy and so much fun!

How awesome is this pallet dog bed she created?


Thank you to all of these talented ladies for tagging me! Now I get to answer some questions for you, dear readers.  These questions are somewhat vague, and I’ve seen bloggers write more about their creative jobs (what they write about on their blog) and I’ve seen bloggers write about their actual writing.  I am just going to answer with whatever comes naturally, and it might be about my blogging or my DIY’s or designing.  There’s no telling what could happen!

1. Why do I write?

As a busy mom and businesswoman, I have may tasks: making sure the home is in tact (and pretty!);making sure the kids are fed and taken where they need to be , and aware of how loved they are; feeding, walking, loving our dogs; keeping my barn vendors happy and successful; and in the meantime trying to create a successful business at Sweet Clover.  Writing this blog, documenting my projects, work, and my day to day life, keep me from losing myself in the daily grind.  At the end of an exhausting day, I can sit down and write and remember who I am and why I do what I do.  It’s my way of hopping off the hamster wheel and reflecting.  So you could say I write mostly for me.  The fact that there is an audience only motivates me to stick with it, keep going, and not lose sight of my own dreams and who Cassie is.  And the bonus from all of this is the connections I’ve made along the way- those keep me writing as well.  I feel like I am talking to my friends here.


2. What am I working on?

Looking back on my house goals for the year, I’ve recently selected the playroom to tackle next.  And I can honestly say I am so happy I waited so long on that one as my vision has completely changed for it.  I’ll be sharing more next month as I start to work on it, but for now, art has been created and ordered, and so many more changes will be happening!  Lately I’ve been working on the planning process for that space.  I don’t want to leave you completely hanging, so I will tell you that this has been ordered



And on another note, I’ve been working on writing only when I truly have something to say.  I found myself in the rut of, “Well, I guess I need to blog today,” or sharing every mundane little project.  And it was wearing me out, sucking the fun and creativity from my body.  You don’t need to see every little side table and chair I paint, or every new piece of art on my wall.  So I’ve been working on filtering what I share to bring you better posts.  Hopefully you’ve noticed; or at least you haven’t noticed any posts that make you say, “well that was lame!”


3. How does your work differ from others of its genre?

I am a true believer that we are all completely unique individuals.  Therefore, though my work can sometimes be similar to others, it’s mine and my personal touches make it different.  I’m authentically me.  Enough said.


4. How does my writing process work?


My creative process in both writing and design are very similar.  I am a child of the 80’s and I recall playing pinball at the arcade.  Without stopping, my ball would bounce from here to there, one side to the other, striving always for the best outcome possible.  I liken my creative process to a game of pinball.  Sometimes I am thrilled with the end result; I cheer and clap and pat myself on the back.  And other times, I am back to the beginning, wiping the slate clean, and beginning again.  And some days, I need to just accept “game over” and let my brain rest and recharge.


Now it’s my turn to tag!  I am tagging my business partner and best friend, Sarah aka The Thriftress.  I chose Sarah, because I am always harassing her behind the scenes to blog more, so here’s my chance to publicly harass her under the guise of a friendly blog hop.  And frankly, she’s awesome.  She’s hilarious, and stylish, sweet, and perfectly sarcastic.  She makes me life so much better on a daily basis, and the world needs to know her.

Check out her family room gallery wall!  She found that lounger print when she was with me, and I was immediately filled with rage and jealousy happiness for her.

Family Room Gallery Wall After


I also wanted to let you know about a couple exciting things I’m participating in this week!

On Thursday I’ll be sharing my “signature style” in the Signature Style Blog Hop which starts today and is being hosted by Carrie of Making Lemonade.


And on Friday I am sharing my favorite room as part of the Blogger Stylin Home Tours hosted by Lindsay at The White Buffalo Styling Co.  This series starts today as well, so head on over to check it out!



Thanks for reading!  With that, I am off to do goodness knows what…. the kids are back to school today!  Freedom!  Freedom!  Sweet sweet freedom!  I can taste you.


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  1. says

    Your style is so uniquely you, it could never be mistaken for anyone else! I don’t know how you keep all those balls in the air but you do it while making us all laugh and that to me is a superwoman!

    • Cassie says

      wow- thank you so much! and don’t worry- balls drop around here. we just pick em up and toss them again and see what happens.

  2. says

    I think it goes without saying that being a part of the blogosphere (though some of us are super lazy about it…, the family within the web is something we never saw coming but find we can’t live without. Its a group of supporters that appreciate and thrive on what we share through our posts and when you’re out of the loop for a while, for whatever reason, we miss each other, and miss the writing. I wish that were true for friends we grew up with but in some cases, isn’t. Anyway, I KNOW you know you are appreciated and that as a reader of Primitive and Proper, I’m happy to feel like I’m apart of that circle. I laugh and “like” your kids fun times growing up, I cry at you losing a family pet, and I drool at your latest home project because I have a small house and no room for all your fun stuff! I love that you live on a hill..I don’t know why but I do :) but more than anything, I support and just love ya! For whatever you write, even if its a mud mask, by the way loved that photo, thanks for this blog of yours because for those of us who tune in from work when no one’s looking…it’s a part of “home” for us to!

    • Cassie says

      aaaaw, thank you so much for all of that, rita! i love living on a hill, btw. ;) and so glad you sneak on some cassie time!

  3. says

    Wow, thank you so much for the sweet comments! You have always been a favorite blogger of mine and I love how you keep it real and stay true to yourself, always! Hopefully, we can meet in person one of these days. My goal is to make it to Haven one year soon! I love the gallery wall your friend Sarah did! What a genius way to take care of such a tall wall! Love that lounge print, too. :) Thanks for participating!!

  4. says

    I’m finding the answers fascinating. Blogging is an interesting mind game.

    And personally, I’m okay with you posting whatever the heck you want. I’m not sure where the “only post the good stuff” is coming from in blogland. Maybe that’s why I’m not one of the “big guys” but I just like reading what people write. No matter what. But I totally get not posting everything if it’s wearing you out. That’s why I had to cut down on posts. So maybe there is something to it.

    • Cassie says

      i think other than allowing me to post only my best it really does take the pressure off as well- so that has been a huge plus for me in that decision! :)

    • Cassie says

      yay- so glad you like all the lame posts, too! ;) thank you SO much! i have big plans for the playroom…. let’s hope it works out.

  5. says

    You have always been the most considerate and consistent blogger I’ve ever known. Frankly, I never understood how you manage it all. I love you friend! Your blog is awesome and you are the awesomey awesomest. Period. The End. XOXO

    • Cassie says

      aaaw, i love you! i wish you blogged more just so i could see more pics of you and your house. i suck at instagram.

  6. says

    I was so happy to see your name in my inbox today and I love the new look around here! Can’t wait to see what happens in the playroom, maybe you will inspire me to tackle mine! (electric lime green walls….still). I love getting more little glimpses into my blogger friend’s lives. So glad you hopped on the tour and hope your first day of freedom was amazing!

  7. Lacey says

    I’m not trying to knock your style as I think your home is cute. However, this entry way you are showing and the gallery wall are not examples of good design. The new style of gathering goodwill finds, spray painting gold, and sticking wherever does not represent a pulled together home.

    I am not being a critic as I think you are fine and one of the least offensive of the bloggers (except when you do outfit pics, really?). I just do not find these representations of design ideas as innovative or attractive.

    • Cassie says

      just saw this comment as i was going through all those pending approval. but thanks so much, kcarp, for the ever insightful words and positivity you are spreading around the internet. no wonder you had to stop by and comment twice again- because i somehow missed this comment and you were annoyed. i really hope you find your happy place soon and wish you peace.

    • Cassie says

      thank you so much for reading- i know sometimes these posts can be loooong. ;) and yes- i think we just need to break away of the due post mantra unless it’s for someone else. :)

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