Dining Room Updates Featuring Lacefield Designs

Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this post, but was given 4 drapery panels by Lacefield Designs.  All opinions, thoughts, and images are my own.

Since we have moved into this house almost 3 years ago, our dining room has gone through a few transformations and updates.  I was actually going to take a stroll down memory lane with you, visiting all of its changes, but there were honestly too many to just supplement this post; they need a post all of their own!  My name is Cassie and I like change.  But one thing that has remained the same is the lack of window treatments… I have never found the curtains that would complete this room, until I came across the amazing panels that Lacefield Designs offers.   Lacefield Designs was set up as a vendor at the Haven Conference, and I was immediately enamored by their beautiful textiles, especially the blues, indigos, aquas, and their more ethnic feel prints.

My favorite drapery panels that Lacefield Designs offers are the Marrakesh in indigo!  These were the perfect choice for completing the look of our dining room, which is moody, coastal, vintage, and eclectic.

lacefieled designs marrakesh drapery panels indigoAren’t they gorgeous?  Before I show you the entire room, let me remind you of where we were the last time you saw it on my Spring tour
So, as you will see, the curtains hanging created a snowball effect- I moved the sideboard to the long window, moved our old oak secretary we use as a bar, and also added some new to me black bentwood arm chairs as the head chairs (for now!). Let me also add how hard it was to get pictures without the dogs in it in some way shape or form…. this is their hangout!

moody vintage eclectic dining roomDo you see how they just make the space so much cozier, yet are so totally me with their feel?

Here you can see where the dining room is open to the kitchen.

moody vintage eclectic nautical inspired dining room


The sideboard moved to the double window, and after I rearranged that I wondered why I hadn’t before? It was meant to be there.  And check out the amazing boat I found… I believe it’s a Carl Jere but it’s been painted (not by me!).  Maybe one day I will strip that paint.  For now, I just love that it doesn’t block the view, and suits my moody, eclectic, nautical room perfectly!moody vintage eclectic dining room


The funny thing is I walked by this boat the first time, unwilling to pay for it.  I was with a friend who rarely shops with me, and she told me I had to get it…. I am so glad I listened to her.

diningroom2I also found not one but two federal mirrors recently and I hung them on the wall on either side of the buffet.  And if you look in the mirror closely enough you can see me taking the picture, and also Emmy and her Gram Pam snuggling and looking at American Girl items online.



On the other side of the room, the new Lacefield panels frame out the insulator succulent planters I made.  I love that the colors you see here- aqua, white, navy, gray, natural- all flow perfectly with what is going on in the kitchen.diningroom4And just check out those Lacefield Designs panels close up- they are so luxurious and well made.

diningroom5And of course on the wall opposite of this is my nautical gallery wall which has some new additions as well. Can you believe I found that huge painting with the pretty frame for $5?  Seriously people.  I ran before the seller could change his mind, maniacally cackling the whole way home!

dining room nautical seascape vintage moody gallery wallAnd now just so you can see what I was dealing with while taking these photos…. Jake and Catcher were roaming all over, Catcher annoying Jake, I am sure.  Here’s a rare moment with both of them sitting still.


And of course, shortly after I finished taking pictures….


diningjakeClearly the dining room is so cozy now that it puts these dinner guests at ease. :)

Thank you so much to Lacefield Designs for providing me with these gorgeous panels.  I am so happy to finally have the the window treatments that complete this room and look forward to hosting my first Thanksgiving in this house this Fall!

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  1. says

    I love them, love them, love them!!!!! The room was gorgeous before drapes, but W.O.W. And that boat. My jaw dropped when I saw that boat. Cassie. It is perfect. Perfect! So glad you decided to go ahead and get it. I want to hug your dining room.

        • Cassie says

          Hello Dawn! Thank you for your comment. I spent hours working on the actual project, taking and editing photos, and writing the blog post itself, which is typically what goes into each project blog post. So while I did not pay for the panels, they certainly were not free and paid for with my time and labor. And I can honestly say that these are the nicest panels I have ever owned. I have “splurged” before on Anthropologie curtains which are around the same price, and they don’t even measure up as far as quality goes to these Lacefield panels.

  2. says

    Awwww, sleeping doggies. My favorite.

    So, um, those curtains were totally meant for your dining room. They should probably just stop selling them because I am for certain that they couldn’t look more awesome anywhere else!

    • Cassie says

      yes, i love when they sleep, too- especially because when catcher is not sleeping he can be found attacking my feet with his puppy teeth!!!
      and thank you so much! i am totally in love- they couldn’t be more perfect!

  3. Vicki says

    First, your blog is just my favorite of all! I am not typically a fan of drapes but these are amazing and make your space just perfect! Love the nautical theme and the boat was a must have. You really do show how to dress a room inexpensively and make is awesome!!( I have a nautical theme to my little house too but live in Atlanta, Ga. ! Go figure!)

    • Cassie says

      thank you so much, vicki! what a great comment! and don’t worry- i am a good couple hours from the actual coast. 😉 it’s all good if it’s what you love!

  4. says

    I’m crushing on your dining room! The drapes are perfect for this space and make it look so much more finished. I’m in love with that boat (good call to buy it!) and I would have been jumping up and down over that $5 piece of art too!

  5. says

    They are perfect!! When you posted on IG I immediately went to Lacefield’s website – so many great options! SO glad that you got that wire boat, it’s perfect! I would have told you to get it too!!

    • Cassie says

      thank you so much! yes, you would have! i was stupid to walk away the first time, but thank goodness i wised up!

  6. says

    Wow what a difference!! I love that pattern with your furniture. Yes on the new placement of the sideboard. I had to scroll up and down to see what you had done. So clever the way you moved it so the curtains hang nicely everywhere. And clearly, Jake and Catcher are super impressed too!!

  7. says

    Everything looks amazing!!! First, KEEP those black bentwoods as head chairs. So awesome! Second, don’t EVER sell that boat (unless you sell it to me. serious). Third, the curtains definitely add the perfect touch of softness in that room. And fourth, that picture of Catcher sleeping (& Jake too) made me smile big :)

    • Cassie says

      i want to keep the chairs, but they are caned, and sawyer likes to put his feet on chairs… ARGH. so i am afraid. and thank you so much!!!!!

  8. says

    Ok sooo much to say, the window treatments are amazing and totally pull the room together so beautifully! The ship is beyond awesome and it pulls your theme (which doesn’t look too themey btw) perfectly! I think you would’ve kicked yourself if you would’ve passed it up! Oh and those pups!!! (: Seriously Cassie one of my favorite rooms in your house!!

    • Cassie says

      thank you so much, caitlin! i can’t wait to see my fall home tour either…. maybe by then the house will be picked up and in order….

  9. says

    The curtains look lovely in your dining room and they look like they drape really well. Love the rearrangement too and your puppies! <3

    • Cassie says

      i just love how all you see is jake’s butt sticking out from the bottom of the table- he is old and lazy and doesn’t move for my pictures. 😉

  10. Allison says

    Those curtains were made for your room! They look gorgeous in there as does your whole room. You have done a beautiful job with it all Cassie. Glad you bought the boat! It also looks like it was waiting to go home with Cassie. The pups are so sweet. Hope you are doing well! I’m playing a bit of catch up this week.

  11. says

    Cassie…..this room is stunning. You are right….the pattern on the curtains is perfect! As expensive as they are…..curtains are a game changer to add sophistication and warmth in a room. Love…love the gallery wall. So perfect. Well done Girl!

  12. says

    I love them!! I find any kind of window treatment hard to choose, but these look perfect!

    And every time I see that wall of ships I wish they were mine :)

    • Cassie says

      trust me they are worth every penny! i have bought curtains that are 1/2 the price and they are not even 1/2 the quality!

  13. says

    Those are fantastic! The perfect finishing touch for your dining room! I missed a bunch of vendors at Haven since i was awol on that Saturday with my foot injury — so bummed! Have to check them out now!
    xo Heidi

  14. says

    I love this room so much, I want to move in! Do you think the dogs would mind? (I believe there is a little extra room under the dining room table.)

    The room looked great before, but it has definitely found its groove. The drapes, the sideboard, mirrors and that incredible ship outline. Absolutely perfect!

  15. says

    Cassie your dining room looks so beautiful. I am partial to sea prints and sail boats myself. I passed buying a model sailboat like yours years ago and I’m still sad I didn’t buy it. Those curtains are gorgeous!! You have such a great style.


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