Land of Nod Inspired Raspberry Red Dresser & Side Table

Back in April, a client dropped off a dresser and table for me to paint in raspberry red, to go with a raspberry red bed I painted for her last year.  I do not do custom work, but I make an exception on the rare occasion and I love working with Danielle, my client.  She’s… 

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Our Family’s New Addition, Catcher

Last week I implied some exciting things happening this past weekend at our house.  As promised, here I am to fill you in! Some of you have been reading this blog long enough to know all about our resident dogs.  There’s 10.5 year old Jake, who is my partner in crime… he is always by… 

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Circles 8

Click It 6

It’s FRIDAY!!!  I’m going to get SO FANCY this weekend, and hang out with my friends and their kids by the fire pit!  I can’t wait.  I’m also going to have some wine.  Because it’s been one of those weeks.  AND….. there’s something potentially super exciting happening this weekend, but you will have to wait… 

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persian blue with tin wax table

Persian Blue Table with a Touch of Tin

Happy Thursday!  I am popping in from y lazy days of summer to share a makeover with you today in my favorite Persian Blue from General Finishes with a touch of tin wax from Catfish Studios. I found this little side table at the flea market a few weeks ago.  I am a sucker for… 

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how to replace cane seats with new upholstered seats

How to Replace Torn Caned Seats with Upholstered Seats

Yeah, so I missed posting Monday.  I worked all weekend, then came home and kept on working so I could get all of our transactions entered.  I stopped only to eat and pee, and even then it was quick…  So no time for a blog post.  I know all the bloggy gurus say “schedule your… 

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Click It 5

Happy Friday!  Today I’m headed to…. …the last day of VBS for my kids. …the barn to open the shop for the day. …Surreybrooke to drop off the flower Sweet Clover did for the Sophie and Madigan Butterfly Gala. …the park to play with friends. …the liquor store bed so I can do it all… 

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Sweet Clover July Sale This Weekend

Holla friends!  Remember that time I took the kids to the beach and then was home for a week and then went to Haven and then had to come home and get ready for the Sweet Clover sale while not losing my mind and trying to paint new pieces and tend to the kids?!!??!?!?  What… 

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